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July 29, 2015 Update – Group Cruise News

Welcome! I recently returned from a well-planned but whirlwind media cruise/tour of Greece and Turkey hosted by Marlene Oliver and our friends at Celestyal Cruises.



Where in the World: Parks

See if you can name this gorgeous South American national park from a photo of one of the park’s iconic vistas with our photo quiz.



Group Game: Bus Exercises

To ward off stiffness from hours-long bus rides, many groups may need more than just a break every two hours. Having those interested participate in bus exercises can be fun and beneficial!



Survey Projects Cuba Tourism Numbers

The Cuba Ministry of Tourism estimated a major change in the amount of tourists arriving in Cuba in 2015.



Ford’s Theatre Sponsored Slideshow

Photo gallery sponsored by Ford’s Theatre, Washington, D.C. at



Passengers Review Mayflower Danube Cruise

Various passengers relate their experiences aboard Mayflower Tours’ Danube River Cruise.



Role of a Tour Director on a River Cruise

Huber Smeets, guide of the Mayflower River Cruise of the Danube, discusses his role on a Mayflower River Cruise.



Thoughts from Danube River Cruise Tour Director

Huber Smeets, guide of the Mayflower River Cruise of the Danube, talks about the Danube River cruise and the advantages of seeing Europe on a Mayflower river cruise.



The Perks of a River Cruise

Karen Duncan, sales representative for Mayflower Cruises, relates what has surprised her most about her first river cruise experience.



One Passenger’s Love of Small Towns

Roy Sidlo, passenger of the cruise, talks about his impressions of his cruise experience and his love of small European towns.