The Group Travel Leader

2018 Travel South Tour Planner


The Group Travel Leader
Published January 01, 2018

Experience the stories of the South in this year’s Travel South Tour Planner.

Hear the Stories and Sounds of the South

Hear the stories of those who made great music in the South.


Dining Dynasties of the South

These restaurants tell the stories of the South.


Experience the South on the Water

The islands and waterfronts of the South showcase the culture.


Faces and Places of the South

The South is full stories of the famous faces from the region, from celebrated singers and authors to those who changed the course of history on the battlefield.


Honey and Half Shells are Home-Grown in the South

Home-grown goodness is a tradition of the South.


Local Secrets of the South

These hidden gems in the South aren’t just for the locals.


Research Resonates for Travel South during Tuttell’s Term

Heading into the coming year as chairperson for Travel South USA, Wit Tuttell has research efforts at the top of his personal queue for the 12-state travel organization.


Civil Rights and Other Stories Headline Travel South in 2018

Liz Bittner shares what’s ahead for Travel South USA in 2018.