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Globus Takes Elevator Pitches Online


The Group Travel Leader
Published June 02, 2014

SALEM, Ohio — Elevator Pitches, those fun 90-second sales presentations that have been showcased at travel industry conferences, are coming to group travel planners compliments of Globus, a leader in group travel worldwide.

Globus participated in Elevator Pitches held at the Select Traveler Conference and the Boomers in Groups Conference  and thought it would be an exciting way to reach group travel planners on a larger scale via the Internet. As a result, Globus Elevator Pitches will be distributed monthly to more than 25,000 travel groups by The Group Travel Family.

“The 90-second video spots will deliver Globus destination and tour information in an entertaining format,” said Joe Cappuzzello of The Group Travel Family.

If you are interested in presenting an Elevator Pitch of your own, contact Cappuzzello at 800-628-0993 or