The U.S. Civil Rights Trail Debuts

More than 65 years after it began, the Civil Rights Movement is getting new recognition on the national stage.


Culinary Kentucky

Discover the wonderfully diverse cuisine from Kentucky’s different regions.


America’s Crossroads Group Travel Guide 2018

Explore the downtown scenes, new attractions and famous sites in America’s Crossroads region. 


What’s New in America’s Crossroads

Visit these four new Midwestern gems in America’s Crossroads.


Famous Faces of America’s Crossroads

These places highlight famous faces from America’s Crossroads.


Amazing Streetscapes in America’s Crossroads

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‘Been Youtubed’ Introduced at Group Travel Family Conferences

The “Been YouTubed” program allows travel planners or travel industry delegates attending a Group Travel Family event to film a short clip about their group, destination, tour or service.


Strong Economy Yields Optimism at ABA Marketplace

Nearly 3,500 travel professionals converged in Charlotte, North Carolina, for the 2018 ABA Marketplace.


Go Ahead Tours is Building Brand Awareness

Go Ahead Tours is making an impact on leaders of travel groups and inspiring an entire market of new group travel planners to see the world.


GroupTools Rolls Out Group Management Technology

GroupTools is bringing new technology to the group travel industry with a software platform that can be used by travel planners to better organize their workflow.