On Site in Kentucky

Follow along with itinerary from our recent Kentucky Faith FAM to enjoy the best of Kentucky’s faith-based attractions and other signature activities.


Maryland’s Newest Attractions

From museums to breweries, new and exciting attractions are popping up all over Maryland.


A Wow Week in Utah

Spend seven days in Utah and your group will experience some of the most breathtaking landscapes of the American West.


Select Traveler Conference Registration Booming

Bank travel clubs are being joined by alumni associations and traveling chambers of commerce in a record attendance projection for the Select Traveler Conference.


Shoulder Season in Alaska

Bob Hoelscher shares his case for visiting Alaska during the off season.


Go Under the Boardwalk in Virginia Beach in October 2018

U.S. Tours and the city of Virginia Beach are combining to present Under the Boardwalk, a nostalgia-filled group travel event October 9-12, 2018, based on the Drifter’s 1964 hit song of the same name.


Hampton History Museum Features Exhibit 
about Resistance to Slavery

The exhibition “Give Me Liberty: Fugitive Slaves and the Long Revolution Against Slavery,” an exhibit on resistance to slavery, opened at the Hampton History Museum on February 25.


Pike Place Market grows for first time in 40 years

The Pike Place Market’s new MarketFront, a  30,000-square-foot public terrace and plaza, had its grand opening June 29.


Zack Grimm Joins GTF Staff

Zack Grimm recently joined the Group Travel Family staffas a customer service specialist.


10 Steps To A Better Travel Program Brand

It’s never been easier to create a brand for your organization that looks inviting and professional.