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Happy-Themed Itinerary Introduced in Shreveport-Bossier

Groups can experience for themselves why a study named Shreveport-Bossier the third happiest city in the world with a new itinerary, “Louisiana IS Happy.”



Georgia Outdoors

See Rock City. . . and then see all of Georgia’s outdoors.



Georgia’s Music Heritage

Georgia’s music heritage is so interwoven with it’s history it’s hard to separate the two.



New in Atlanta

This big city is home to the new College Football Hall of Fame as well as many other new attractions.



Collette Introduces 
Spotlight Tours of Major World Cities

Collette introduces 
spotlight tours of major world cities


A Salty Experience in Charleston, West Virginia

Publisher Mac Lacy shares why next time he visits Charleston, J.Q. Dickinson Salt Works, will be at the top of his list.



Outdoors in Historic Charleston

Rivers, mountains, and an underground ocean are features of West Virginia’s historic capital city.



Carolina History

The states’ rich heritage and varied histories remain alive today.



Golf in the Carolinas

Groups enjoy fair skies and fairways in the Carolinas



Carolina Color

The arts flourishacross both states