Conner Prairie Debuts New Year-Round Hands-On Exhibit

Visitors can learn new skills and use their creativity at Makesmith Workshop, a new year-round exhibit that opened at Conner Prairie January 11.


Shore it up on a STEAM Trip to Cleveland and Lake Erie

Here are five great reasons for students to visit Cleveland and Lake Erie.


March 18, 2018 Update – Group Cruise News

Welcome!  Consistency should be a concern for all of the lines I have cruised on more than once (except for Windstar, which was superb both times) since I began my second career as a cruise and travel writer back in 2011. 


Join Us For A Trip to New Orleans Plantation Country in July

New Orleans Plantation Country is inviting up to 20 of our travel planner readers to enjoy a four-day site inspection trip, July 26-29.


Eat the Alphabet Group Game

Try this fun food-themed group game to see who can fill in their alphabet first!


Top Cities for Street Food from Around the World

Treat your group to the amazing food trucks, stalls and street vendor fare in one of these five international cities known for street food.


The U.S. Civil Rights Trail Travel Planner 2018

The U.S. Civil Rights Trail encompasses 100 sites stretching from Kansas to Louisiana, Virginia and Georgia.


Churches of the Civil Rights Movement

Today, groups can remember the significant events of the Civil Rights Movement at these sanctuaries.


The Lesser-Known Sites of the Civil Rights Movement

These lesser-known sites of the Civil Rights Trail deserve their day in the sun.


Stark Reminders at Civil Rights Museums

Beautiful museums depict the events of the Civil Rights Movement.