10 Reasons Why Traveling is Important

When you need to convince yourself to take that vacation from work, remember these ten reasons why traveling is important.


Group Game: Make a Match

Get your group mingling to find their famous match with this fun icebreaker group game.


Nevada’s Burner Byway

Groups can experience both art and wilderness on the state’s Burner Byway itinerary from Reno to Black Rock Desert.


Good News on Disposable Plastics

Three different cruise lines have announced efforts to eliminate disposable plastics across their fleets among other cruise updates.


Fantastic Flags Group Game

This visual ice breaker gives your group the chance to use their drawing skills to share a bit about themselves with their personal flags.


Money Mixer Group Game

Get your group excited about mingling when they find out this group game might earn them some money.


New Shreveport Aquarium Enters First Season

The Shreveport Aquarium, which opened last November, is enjoying its first full season in the historic Barnwell Center in downtown Shreveport.


Coping With Tipping

Bob Hoelscher shares his thoughts on gratuities and tipping practices.


On Site in Georgia’s Plantation Trace Region

Georgia’s Plantation Trace region impressed our travel planner readers on this FAM tour.


Group Game: The Dictionary Guessing Game

Test your group’s vocabulary with the Dictionary Guessing Game. Play this game as many times as you like without it ever being the same game twice.