2018 Buyer’s Guide

Check out our 2018 Buyer’s Guide for the Group Travel Industry for an industry update, marketing tips and trip ideas for the year ahead.


CVBs’ Count on Groups for Return on Investment

CVBs count on groups to help validate their marketing efforts.


These Hotels are an Overnight Success

A boom in business for hotels is changing the equation for groups.


Riding the Wave in the Tourism Industry

Tourism leaders discuss opportunities and challenges.


10 Tips for Filling Trips

Mix and match these 10 tips to help fill seats on your next group trip.


Trips Built for Boomers

Employ these strategies to optimize your trips for boomer travelers.


Is Your Group Ready for a River Cruise?

To decide whether river cruising would be a good fit for your group, consider how it differs from other modes of travel and the steps involved in making it happen.


Find the Right Motorcoach for Your Group

There’s an art to finding the right motorcoach for your group.


Travel Leaders Examine the Pros and Cons of Conflict

The Group Travel Leader spoke with the heads of four tourism industry associations to get their perspectives on issues shaping the travel industry today.


2017 Buyer’s Guide

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