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Music Drives These Marketing Plans

Detroit has Motown. Bristol has country. Nashville has, well, everything. For cities that are known for their sound, music becomes a major part of their marketing efforts.



Student Travel Teaches On The Go

No matter what age the students are or where they’re going, tour operators are paving the way for student travel.



The Growing Glamping Trend

Glamping has taken off in popularity with individuals and groups across the country.



Tour Operators Adjust Trips for Working Travelers

From shaving days off itineraries to shifting tours to take advantage of weekends, tour operators are finding new ways to accommodate working travelers.



FAMs Offer Onsite Insights

Representatives of four organizations that host regular FAMs talk about their approaches to the tours and their tips for how travel planners can make the most of them.



Emerging Travel Groups

A few group travel markets are booming and promise to keep growing in coming years.



Group Travel Market Seeks Authenticity

According to an interview with four group travel industry leaders, the group travel market is increasingly going local with marketing messages.



Packaging Pop Culture Destinations

Groups can’t get enough of these pop culture destinations.



Group Travel 101 – How To Build Your Group

There are a lot of benefits to traveling with a group, so how does the potential group leader begin forming a group and getting a trip off the ground? It starts with identifying your potential travel companions.

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Group Travel 101 – Legal Responsibilities and Insurance

Recent fatal motorcoach accidents have again shown how important it is for group leaders to fully understand the potential liability that they and their groups can be assuming before sponsoring a group trip. 

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