2015 Buyer’s Guide: Embracing Changes

As the travel and tourism world continues to face changes, travel sellers and travel planners will have to evolve with it in order to stay relevant in the marketplace.



2015 Buyer’s Guide: Mealtime Makeovers

Here are some tips to adjust to changing expectations for dining experiences.



Technology is Revolutionizing Travel Photography

PhotoVision caters to many groups, especially schools and student travelers.



CVBs Can Help Plan Family Reunions

These CVBs are family focused and a great resource for family reunion planners.



Music Drives These Marketing Plans

Detroit has Motown. Bristol has country. Nashville has, well, everything. For cities that are known for their sound, music becomes a major part of their marketing efforts.



Student Travel Teaches On The Go

No matter what age the students are or where they’re going, tour operators are paving the way for student travel.



The Growing Glamping Trend

Glamping has taken off in popularity with individuals and groups across the country.



Tour Operators Adjust Trips for Working Travelers

From shaving days off itineraries to shifting tours to take advantage of weekends, tour operators are finding new ways to accommodate working travelers.



FAMs Offer Onsite Insights

Representatives of four organizations that host regular FAMs talk about their approaches to the tours and their tips for how travel planners can make the most of them.



Emerging Travel Groups

A few group travel markets are booming and promise to keep growing in coming years.