Group Travel 101 — How to travel internationally

Leading a group abroad has never been more straightforward. Send your group abroad with these six steps.



Group Travel 101 — Resources for Travel Planners

You may find some events organizations and publications helpful to group tour planning.


Group Travel 101 — Tour operators give professional help

Professional, qualified tour operators can take on all of the travel logistics and deliver superior experiences to your group.

Businessman and businesswoman.


Group Travel 101 — Working with CVBs

When you begin planning group tours to domestic destinations, you’ll find great allies in CVBs.

business team in a meeting


Group Travel 101 — Cruising for groups

The logistics of organizing a group cruise can be tricky, so it’s important to make use of professional help.

Cruise ship in the Caribbean Sea.


Group Travel 101 — On the road

Travel brings its own share of challenges, so you should prepare for unexpected events.



Group Travel 101 — All about transportation

As you build trips for your group of travelers, one of the most essential decisions that you’ll make is to pick a transportation provider.

Steam Train Wheels


Group Travel 101 — Planning your first trip

Planning a group trip comes down to three essential elements: Picking a destination, building an itinerary and planning the price.

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Group Travel 101 — Why Group Travel?

Learn the benefits of planning group trips in today’s travel market.