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Late Season Departure for Alaska

Posted by Bob Hoelscher in Alaska on December 18, 2014


If you haven’t taken a late season cruise to Alaska, then you should consider this less crowded time and take advantage of a unique opportunity to view the sites. I’ve taken many cruises to Alaska in the past, but this year I decided to take a late-season, round-trip sailing from Vancouver, partly to see if…

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Exploring the Gateway to the Yukon

Posted by Bob Hoelscher in Alaska on December 18, 2014


Having been to all of the featured ports (and having experienced all their major attractions) on this itinerary previously, I felt that this trip more closely resembled reuniting with old friends rather than making new ones, and a very comfortable, leisurely way to vacation.  Consequently, numerous past visits to Juneau, Alaska’s capital city, had fully…

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What can one say about Glacier Bay? This incredible wilderness of ice and mountains is not only one of Alaska’s premier natural attractions, but also a World Heritage Site.  Happily, the sun made appearances in the morning and frequently during the day, while low-hanging clouds added to the park’s mystique. Moderate temperatures also brought most…

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Inside Passage Southbound

Posted by Bob Hoelscher in Alaska on December 18, 2014


Happily, the poor weather we’d experienced on the northbound trip did not make a return as we cruised towards Vancouver. The sky-blue waters, snowcapped peaks, dense forests and picturesque British Columbia villages that make the “Inside Passage” special were on full view today for all to enjoy. Disembarking in Vancouver at the Canada Place Pier…

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Having spent the entire summer volunteering for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the Visitor Center at Ice Harbor Dam on the Snake River, just east of its confluence with the mighty Columbia, I took the opportunity during my free time to go exploring throughout the backwoods of the Pacific Northwest. I kept my…



The Pendleton Woolen Mills

Posted by Bob Hoelscher in The West on October 14, 2014


The historic town of Pendleton, Oregon, lies just east of the Blue Mountains in the northeastern part of the state. A community of some 17,000 residents, Pendleton is probably best known as the namesake for the renowned Pendleton Woolen Mills. In operation since 1909, the company’s original plant here still makes the near-legendary woolen blankets…



The Pendleton Round-Up

Posted by Bob Hoelscher in The West on October 14, 2014


Pendleton is home to one of the best-known rodeos in the American West, which has been held since 1910. Scheduled annually for the second week in September, the Pendleton Round-Up features dozens of events during its eight-day run, including parades, concerts, cowboy shows, children’s events, beer garden and the Happy Canyon Outdoor Indian Pageant &…



Pendleton Underground Tours

Posted by Bob Hoelscher in The West on October 14, 2014


A guided 90-minute walk exploring Pendleton’s colorful role in the “Old West,” mostly beneath the downtown area, is offered by Pendleton Underground Tours. Here, you’ll follow historic tunnels connecting speakeasies, opium dens, the living quarters of Chinese workers, the town’s jail and even a meat market, where keeping the meat fresh was aided by underground…



Operated by the Umatilla County Historical Society, the Heritage Station Museum showcases the region’s history through numerous exhibits on the grounds of Pendleton’s original passenger rail station, located on the south end of the downtown area. Among points of particular interest are a historic Union Pacific caboose, a one-room schoolhouse, a video presentation and displays…



Recently, I had the opportunity to explore the historic and charming town of Pendleton, Oregon. The town embraces its Wild West past through numerous historic and cultural attractions, such as its newest addition, the Tamástslikt Cultural Institute. Operated by the Cayuse, Umatilla and Walla Walla Tribes, this must-see attraction is the only Native American-owned interpretive…