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Five Museums to Get Lost In

Posted by Eliza Myers in Travel Thoughts on November 20, 2012


I found it very difficult to rank my five favorite museums, since I tend to be a fan of almost all museums. History museums especially intrigue me, since even a small, budget-conscious museum can have incredible stories to tell. So I tried to pick the ones I would happily get lost in over and over…



You never know how people are going to travel together until you hit the road with them, which is why I felt nervous about my husband’s first family vacation with my mom and brother to Yosemite National Park this spring. Although I had traveled with them individually, I was unsure if everyone’s travel styles would…


I looked and looked, but the view at McWay Cove in Julia Pfeiffer State Park did not feel real. The impossible beauty I beheld had to be part of some highly imaginative dream. Or I had been suddenly whisked up to heaven. Since neither of those seemed true, I had to accept the most likely…

Eliza Myers

Yosemite National Park

Posted by Eliza Myers in The West on May 31, 2012


While stopping a minute to look up the endless stone steps cut into the cliff’s side, I felt certain the upcoming Vernal and Nevada waterfalls would be worth the climb. I knew this not just because of the occasional glimpses of the powerful Vernal Falls, but also because I was standing in a rainbow. Wind…

Eliza Myers

Just go for it!

Posted by Eliza Myers in Travel Thoughts on February 17, 2012


“Drivers in India like to play the game of chicken,” said Anil Bahal, my India tour guide with Globus, as we watched cars weave through traffic. “They like to drive at you until the last second. Driving in India may not be half the fun, but it is half of the experience.” Watching the cars…

Eliza Myers

Sand and water

Posted by Eliza Myers in Middle East on September 19, 2011


I took a moment to catch my breath. The gigantic sand dune kept going straight up into the air and down below me the people were already looking like Polly Pocket dolls. But it was the challenge of the Wadi Rum desert that kept me climbing the sand dune. I figured Lawrence of Arabia hadn’t…

Eliza Myers

Petra treasures

Posted by Eliza Myers in Middle East on September 17, 2011


After a walk through a shadowy, narrow gorge in the desert, a light appears through the sandstone mountain slits. There is where I got my first glimpse of the iconic Treasury. The elaborate tomb’s façade was carved by the mysterious Nabateans between 100 B.C. and 200 A.D. This iconic structure is reason enough for many…

Eliza Myers

Down to the river to pray

Posted by Eliza Myers in Middle East on September 13, 2011


Almost 2,000 years ago, John the Baptist baptized a man in the Jordan River who would change the world. I got to walk on the hallowed ground where this miracle occurred at Bethany-Beyond-Jordan. It is easy to picture this event, since the area has the same desert look that it had during the time of…

Eliza Myers

Touching the hand of Hercules

Posted by Eliza Myers in Middle East on September 11, 2011


You might not think of Hercules when you think of Jordan. However, Hercules once stood atop the Citadel Hill in Jordan’s capital, Amman, during the Roman times. All that’s left of the once giant statue is little more than a piece of the hand, but that is enough to imagine the statue‘s former grandeur. Walking…

Eliza Myers

Richmond rocked!

Posted by Eliza Myers in Conferences on August 30, 2011


On August 23, 2011, an earthquake shook the city of Richmond, Va., and ensured an exciting start to the Going On Faith Conference. Although only lasting for a few seconds, the quake made for an unforgettable first day of conference registration. That evening, attendees learned that even rats could be trained to play basketball at…