A Chile reception

Posted by guestcontributor in Cruising, South America on September 17, 2009


Guest bloggers Russ and Susan Rosenberry are owners of Islands in the Sun Cruises and Tours. You can find the original blog from their 2008 cruise around South American here, or visit the company’s website at   Dec. 6 — Flights on Copa Airlines from Miami to Santiago (via Panama City) were punctual and…

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Amsterdam in photographs

Posted by Brian Jewell in Cruising on August 11, 2009


This morning I leave Amsterdam to return to the United States.  Before I do, though, I’ll leave you with some scenes of Amsterdam’s beautiful canals and historic neighborhoods.

Brian Jewell

Remembering Anne Frank

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All photos appear courtesy of and copyright Anne Frank House/Anne Frank Fonds. A walk through modern Amsterdam is a charming way to spend a morning or afternoon.  The city’s famous canals and pedestrian-friendly streets can create a feeling of perpetual peace. But we must not forget that Amsterdam has seen its darker days as well….

Brian Jewell

Visions of Van Gogh

Posted by Brian Jewell in Cruising on August 10, 2009


Photos Courtesy Van Gogh Museum If there’s one thing you must experience during a trip to Amsterdam (besides a Dutch pancake), it’s the city’s Van Gogh museum. Art lovers will immediately recognize this famous Dutch painter who, along with Rembrandt, is one of the Netherlands’ most prominent cultural figures. But even if you’re not brushed…

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Posted by Brian Jewell in Cruising on August 09, 2009


Today I enjoyed one of Amsterdam’s most surprising and delicious treat’s – the Dutch pancake. Although we know pancakes as an American breakfast food, in Amsterdam and throughout the Netherlands they are favorite dishes for lunch or dinner. There are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of pancake houses throughout this city serving locals and tourists alike –…

Brian Jewell

Volendam: A breath of fresh air

Posted by Brian Jewell in Cruising on August 08, 2009


Sometimes a good walk can clear your head and help you see the things around you in a new and fresh way. In Volendam, a small fishing village outside of Amsterdam, a simple walk through town gave me a new perspective. It’s a Saturday, you see.  And that’s important. I don’t want to be jaded,…

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Christening the Creativity

Posted by Brian Jewell in Cruising on August 07, 2009


    I’m in Holland (or the Netherlands, if you insist), for the christening of the ms Creativity, the newest ship to join Avalon Waterways’ river cruising portfolio. Along with a handful of international travel journalists, I’ve been on the ship for about a day now, getting to know the beautiful new vessel, and to…


Ford’s Terror  in southeast Alaska doesn’t terrify many people.  Maybe a few small boaters and kayakers.  But not many others–and certainly not many cruise passengers.  Dawes Glacier and the several miles of ice-strewn depths it leaves in its wake also doesn’t scare many folks up here, either.  Maybe a few scientists or geologists.  Both give…


  It’s morning –about 5:30– and I’m one of a few passengers and crew who are up.  We’re moored on Sanford Cove off Endicott Arm, several hours of cruise time outside Juneau, Alaska.  The sky is cloudless, the water is still.  We’re surrounded by mountains.  Literally.  In every direction you look there are mountains, most…


  Tenakee Springs is a remote village on the Tenakee Inlet off the Chatham Strait that dates to the late 1800s and is inaccessible except by boat or plane.  During the summer months, about 100 people reside there, many who live the rest of the year in Juneau.  There is a small marina where a…