Eliza Myers

Stuck on an Alp

Posted by Eliza Myers in Switzerland, Travel Thoughts on September 17, 2015


Truth be told, I did not like the idea of sleeping in a chicken coop. However, as I jumped over boulder after boulder in search of the gondola about to ditch me on an alp in Switzerland, this seemed like best option if I ended up stranded for the night. Sometimes travel plans gone awry…

Mac Lacy

Switzerland in sun

Posted by Mac Lacy in Switzerland on September 11, 2012


  On this day, I left the group and hiked for two hours from Holenstein down to Grindelwald   The last full day of our trip, the Swiss Alps were illuminated by a bright, clear sun.  I was thrilled for my Swiss hosts, for my comrades who had never seen this country so clearly, and…

Mac Lacy

Switzerland in snow

Posted by Mac Lacy in Switzerland on September 11, 2012


  A couple prepares for a day in the mountains at the Wilderswil train station   Our group was treated to two very different Switzerland experiences in our five days on the ground.  The first few days we were there it was snowing in the Alps.  We were there in celebration of the Jungfrau Railways…


  Zurich’s Dolder Grand Hotel, built in 1899,  is home to a remarkable collection of original artwork, both indoors in its public spaces and out on its grounds   Zurich, the financial center of Switzerland, has been a gateway to this spectacular country for decades.  But this is a proud city that would like to…