2019 TAP Travel Guide

Find travel ideas for 2019 and the latest news for Travel Alliance Partners in the 2019 TAP Travel Guide.


TAP Embraces Change in 2019

Doerner and Break the Ice launch TAP forward in 2019.


TAP’s Seaside Charms

Shove off on a TAP-designed waterfront vacation.


Enjoy Westward Rails with TAP

TAP operators have train trips highlighting the American West.


Go Global with TAP

TAP companies offer global adventures.


Circle the Date for TAP

Exclusive events are a TAP member trademark.


Cash in at One of These Sports Betting Destinations

Sports betting arrives at gaming sites.


Cruise Groups Boarding Now

Demand for cruises continues its worldwide ascent with groups.


Kentucky’s Storied Storefronts

These towns allow groups to learn about Kentucky by engaging in some retail exploration.


Bring Your Paddle for Kentucky’s Outdoors

Groups with a variety of ages and activity levels can find outdoor activities to fit their needs in the Bluegrass State.