Heartland Festivals

When the weather’s good America’s heartland explodes with festivals, from events that feature something for everyone to the niche Caseville homage to Jimmy Buffett.



American Beaches

Whether or not you’re a beach lover or just in the area, consider spending some time in one of these American beach destinations.



2015 Buyer’s Guide

Welcome the New Age of Travel and embrace changes with these articles from the 2015 Buyer’s Guide for the Group Travel Industry.



2015 Buyer’s Guide: Going beyond the Icons at National Parks

Include a lesser-known park in your celebration of the NPS centennial.



2015 Buyer’s Guide: Mission Millenials

Millenials are already seeing the world and changing the way we travel.



2015 Buyer’s Guide: Innovative Destinations

Destination marketers are always looking for new ways to attract new visitors. But some convention and visitors bureaus are going about it in innovative ways.



2015 Buyer’s Guide: Embracing Changes

As the travel and tourism world continues to face changes, travel sellers and travel planners will have to evolve with it in order to stay relevant in the marketplace.



2015 Buyer’s Guide: Mealtime Makeovers

Here are some tips to adjust to changing expectations for dining experiences.



2015 Buyer’s Guide: The New Age of Cruising

See how cruising is changing in the New Age of Travel with our Buyer’s Guide article.



Artisanal America

Here are five destinations throughout North America where crafts are thriving and where group travelers can have great opportunities to enjoy them.