Interview with new Tourism Cares CEO

Mike Rea, CEO of Tourism Cares, reveals information on Rea’s plans for Tourism Cares as the nonprofit’s new CEO.



Terry Dale reflects on travel trends

Terry Dale talks about how group travel bookings windows have expanded and the pent up demand for travel.



Reaching out to Millennial travelers

Terry Dale, president and CEO of USTOA, speaks about millennial travelers and how they will change the state of group travel.


Peek into immersive China itinerary

Mark Grundy, president (USA) of Wendy Wu Tours, discusses their company’s China tours’ attractions, memorable cuisine dishes and person-to-person experiences.


Spotlight on new USTOA member Holiday Vacations

Greg Barnes, director of worldwide operations for Holiday Vacations, talks about what his company focuses on including the senior market and the company’s most popular destinations.



Spotlight on traveling with families

Ian Swain, founder and CEO of Swain Destinations, talks about family groups and community groups.



Anchorage’s artistic focus

David Kasser, tourism development and sales director for Visit Anchorage, reveals information on Anchorage and how is a hub for Alaskan itineraries.


Australians considering travel to the South

Andrew Hutchinson, head of product for the Pinpoint Travel Group, discusses the Australian travel market and the prospect of sending his travelers to the South.



Europeans coming to the South

Gianluca Sposito, general manager of Konrad Travel, speaks about how his company has been bringing travelers from Europe to the United States.

Europeans Coming To The South


Travel South partners with Brand USA

Liz Bittner, executive director of Travel South USA, speaks about partnering with Brand USA.

Travel South partners with Brand