The joys and challenges of travel writing

Annette Thompson, a travel writer for the Society of American Travel Writers, talks about her writing organization as well as the crazy schedule of travel writing.



Hip and historic Charleston, W.V.

Alisa Bailey, with Charleston CVB, discusses the success of hosting Travel South and the evolution of the visitor experience in Charleston, W.V.
Hip, historic and almost heaven



When sinkholes and Corvettes cross paths

Debbie Eaton, with the National Corvette Museum, speaks about the recent sinkhole incident inside the museum and how that event has brought the museum publicity.



One tour operator’s Travel South experience

Kate Scopetti, president of the Mid-Atlantic Receptive Service, reveals how she plans to incorporate West Virginia into her current tours because of her experience at Travel South.



Educating others on West Virginia

Betty Carver, with West Virginia Division of Tourism, talks about educating others about the attractions and culture of West Virginia.



Space experiences for every age group

Tom White, with the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, discusses the unique dining experience possible in the center and the adult programs the center prepares for group travel.



Zurich’s changing image

Aurelia Carlen, marketing manager of Zurich Tourist Office, speaks about how  Zurich has developed a trendy reputation.


CIE Tours loves its Irish roots

Dennis Savage, senior vice president of CIE Tours, discusses his company’s focus on Ireland and what a typical tour of Ireland would include.


Interview with new Tourism Cares CEO

Mike Rea, CEO of Tourism Cares, reveals information on Rea’s plans for Tourism Cares as the nonprofit’s new CEO.



Terry Dale reflects on travel trends

Terry Dale talks about how group travel bookings windows have expanded and the pent up demand for travel.