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Cultural immersion with Cruises

Mac Lacy interviews Jim Selkin with Heritage Line on their Asian river cruises and the opportunities they offer for cultural immersion and unique perspectives.



Must Have Experiences in South Korea

Mac Lacy interviews Luis Maravi with the Korea Tourism Association, on the must see destinations and must have experiences for travelers to Korea.



Marketing for International Tour Operators

Mac Lacy interviews Geoffrey Hutton, CEO Kent Marketing in Australia, international marketing tour operators as well as the travel trends and interests of Australian travelers to the United States.



Looking Ahead to TravelSouth 2015 in Charlotte

Mac Lacy interviews Wit Tuttell, State Travel Director of North Carolina, on the draw of North Carolina for the international market and the planning for the 2015 TravelSouth International Showcase in Charlotte.



Kentucky Culture for Internationals

Mac Lacy interviews Mike Mangeot, commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Travel, on the draw of Kentucky for the international market ad the unique experiences of bourbon and Kentucky culture for the international travelers.



International Travelers Love The South!

Mac Lacy interviews Lizandra Pajak, representative for the International office of TravelSouth USA in Brazil, on travel trends and the interest of Brazilian travelers to the United States.



The South and International Tourism

Liz Bittner, the CEO of Travel South speaks on the South’s draw for international travelers and TravelSouth’s partnership with Brand USA on the international level.



Travel Trends in the South

Liz Bittner, the CEO of Travel South, speaks on travel trends in the southern states and the immense success of the TravelSouth USA tourism organization.



Louisiana or South Carolina?

Mac Lacy addresses the hard questions of “South Carolina or Louisiana?” and “Charleston or New Orleans?” among others with Kyle Edmiston, the state travel director of Louisiana and Duane Parrish, the state travel director of South Carolina.



The Full New Orleans Experience

Mac Lacy interviews Stephen Perry, CEO of New Orleans Convention & Visitors’ Bureau, on New Orleans exponential growth in the international tourism market and going beyond the French Quarter for the full New Orleans experience.