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Bob Hoelscher

A fine (and thrifty) Montana weekend

Posted by Bob Hoelscher in The West on November 15, 2012


Whoever originated the thought that “the best things in life are free” surely couldn’t have come up with a better description of a weekend I experienced this October in Southeastern Montana. First, the aspens along the Bighorn River and throughout the area were at their peak of golden color. Second, with my trusty “America the…

Brian Jewell

Honey and Cream

Posted by Brian Jewell in The West on May 13, 2009


WHITEFISH, Mont. – A gooey mixture of cream and honey is causing flower petals to stick to the hair on my legs, and every few minutes the girl rubbing my feet stops to peel the petals off of my skin. It’s not a treatment that I’m at all used to, but my friends at the…

Brian Jewell

Moving through the mountains

Posted by Brian Jewell in The West on May 12, 2009


Near GLACIER NATIONAL PARK, Mont. — The Rocky Mountains come bursting out on to the planes, without warning, and almost out of nowhere. We’ve been riding through the planes for most of the day — all the way through North Dakota, and most of Montana, the landscape is flat, with only short moments of relief….

Brian Jewell

The Train Life

Posted by Brian Jewell in The West on May 12, 2009


SOMEWHERE IN MONTANA – Everything is more interesting on a train: sleeping, showering, eating, and even just getting from one place to another all feel different as you move down the railroad. Some people traveling on AMTRAK spend their entire trip in the Coach cabins, which are large, spacious and well lit, with wide, plush…