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Mac Lacy

Rhine River Cruise Day 3

Posted by Mac Lacy in Cruising on November 05, 2009


We traveled on to Rudesheim, a beautiful village that climbs up the banks of the Rhine and is framed in vineyards.  Siegfied’s Mechanical Music Musical Instrument Museum is a world-class collection of music boxes and mechanical music machines.  Rudesheim coffee is a local hot drink made with brandy, whipped cream and spices and makes a…

Mac Lacy

Rhine River Cruise Day 2

Posted by Mac Lacy in Conferences on October 28, 2009


In Strasbourg, we walked through the old town and entered the Notre Dame cathedral that dates to the 12th century.  Inside, a mechanical clock dating to the 1500s still operates daily, wound each day by a clock keeper.  This meticulously-designed timepiece includes angels and apostles, an old man facing death and a young boy just…

Mac Lacy

Rhine River Cruise Day 1

Posted by Mac Lacy in Cruising on October 27, 2009


We’ve landed in Zurich and are awaiting transfers to our Avalon vessel, the Creativity, in Basel.  We’ll be cruising the Rhine River through parts of France and Germany.  We took the opportunity to walk a bit in Zurich, the Swiss capital, and although most of the commercial enteprises and shopping stops were closed on this…