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Brian Jewell

A Home in the Alps

Posted by Brian Jewell in Europe on July 19, 2009


It’s hard to visit the remote Alpine villages of Switzerland without wondering what it would be like to live here. Although there must be downsides to living in small, difficult-to-reach places, the natural beauty and cultural charm of these places makes them feel like heaven on earth to visitors. This morning we visited the small…

Brian Jewell

Dining at a Bernese treasure

Posted by Brian Jewell in Europe on July 18, 2009


Kornhaus Keller doesn’t look like much from the outside. But inside, this historic restaurant proves to be one of the great secret treasures of Bern. The building was constructed between 1711 and 1718, a sandstone work in High Baroque style. During its lifetime, it served as a granary and market hall, an alehouse and a…


There’s nothing like traveling in Europe to shake up your perspective on history. In the United States, we get excited about things that are 200 years old; in the West, where some states have yet to celebrate their centennials, even newer items and places get the historic treatment. But visit Europe, where cities and buildings…

Brian Jewell

My Favorite Things

Posted by Brian Jewell in Europe on July 16, 2009


If Switzerland is the land of cheese and chocolates, we wasted no time diving in to the heart of the country. Our first full day of the tour has taken us from Bern, the capital city and our home base in Switzerland, to Gruyere, a small village area in the French-speaking part of the country….