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  Winter is the prime time of the year for visiting Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge’s migrating birds. Built in 1939 along the Rio Grande, the refuge is celebrating its 75th anniversary. Bosque del Apache’s 57,331 acres include a scenic, 12-mile loop road, an observation blind and hiking trails. The terrain contains a variety…



I looked and looked, but the view at McWay Cove in Julia Pfeiffer State Park did not feel real. The impossible beauty I beheld had to be part of some highly imaginative dream. Or I had been suddenly whisked up to heaven. Since neither of those seemed true, I had to accept the most likely…

Brian Jewell

Leaping lemurs!

Posted by Brian Jewell in The South on October 03, 2009


Lemurs love cameras. And I don’t mean that they enjoy being photographed — these energetic, curious animals love to nibble on, lick and play with cameras and other expensive electronic equipment. Today I visited the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo, a small zoo where the staff encourages interactive experiences with wildlife. One of their most popular…

Brian Jewell

Alligator Alley

Posted by Brian Jewell in The South on October 02, 2009


  Many thousands of tourists come to Alabama’s Gulf Coast every year, most to take advantage of its fine weather and beautiful beaches. But there is so much to see and do beyond the beach, and today I visited one of the area’s most fascinating attractions, Alligator Alley. Wesley Moore founded Alligator Alley in 2004,…


Penguins at Punto Arenas

Posted by guestcontributor in Cruising, South America on September 17, 2009


Guest bloggers Russ and Susan Rosenberry are owners of Islands in the Sun Cruises and Tours. You can find the original blog from their 2008 cruise around South American here, or visit the company’s website at www.crus-sun.com.   Dec. 12 — We joined most passengers and many crew members in rising early to enjoy a…