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Travel Exchange tapped into key trends


The Group Travel Leader
Published March 13, 2013

Bob Springer at Travel Exchange

“The Germans have a term, ‘schadenfreude,’ that is defined as pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others,” he said. “Dark tourism addresses that — some define it as marketing heritage that hurts.”

During his session, Stone raised more questions than he answered. Dark tourism appears to have a long future in the academic realm.

Family and Adventure Travel
NTA’s first Family Travel and Adventure Tourism Leaders Forum discussed how these two markets are growing in the travel industry. Nancy Schretter, managing editor of Family Travel Network, told attendees to broaden their definition of family travel from the typical “two parents with children under the age of 12” to any combination of family travel, including multigenerational travelers.

Schretter also noted that 44 percent of leisure travelers brought their children in 2012, up 20 percent from 2000. She advised travel planners to be more aware of including educational experiences that allow family members to have fun, spend time together and learn.

Keith Baron of Abercrombie and Kent USA, Bart Donnelly of Travel Alberta and Debra Asberry of Women Traveling Together brought their insights to the growing trend of adventure travel. All three seminar speakers cautioned participants not to think of adventure travel as only strenuous physical activities, but to also know that the term could refer to connecting with cultures of different countries.

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