Collette Cares Announces Million Meals Initiative

Collette Cares has launched the 1 Million Meals Campaign, a new global hunger initiative with a goal of providing one million meals to the needy worldwide by 2018.



Tourism Cares Reports Threefold Membership Growth

Tourism Cares, the philanthropic community of the travel and tourism industry, has grown 274 percent in the past two years.


Chattanooga Riverpark Opens New Extension along Tennessee River

A three-mile extension of Chattanooga’s Tennessee Riverpark along the Tennessee River opened mid-August.



Busting Bus Safety Myths

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is setting the record straight on some myths surrounding motorcoach safety.



August 8, 2016 Update – Group Cruise News

Welcome! I sincerely hope that all of our readers are taking advantage of an opportunity to enjoy a fine summer vacation.



Group Games E-Book Now Available

The Group Travel Leader has recently released Group Games: Custom-Made Motorcoach Activities E-Book, available for a limited time this summer.



Yorktown Victory Center Prepares for New Name and Expanded Exhibit

The Yorktown Victory Center is rapidly moving toward completion of a three-year, $50 million project that will transform it into the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown.



YouTube Channel Connects Travel Industry

The Group Travel Family is busy helping build those relationships between the travel industry and travel planners with the outreach of its YouTube channel.



World Golf Hall of Fame Has New Exhibit about Major Championships

The World Golf Hall of Fame has a new interactive exhibit that tells the story of the four men’s major championships — the Masters, U.S. Open, British Open and PGA Championship.



Video Streaming Boosts Group Travel

Live video streaming is a high-tech way to share events such as meetings, sermons and worship services in real time with people, wherever they are.