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  Although many people consider mid-November to be too early to usher in the Christmas season, it was impossible to be bah-humbug after my wife, Marcheta, and I attended a media weekend Nov. 15-17 in conjunction with the opening of Christmas at the Galt House Hotel in downtown Louisville, Ky. Brightly colored larger-than-life luminaries created…

Herb Sparrow

Group travel gets hands-on

Posted by Herb Sparrow in Travel Thoughts on August 13, 2012


Group travel today is much more than just sitting on a motorcoach. Today’s more active group travelers demand more chances to learn about and experience the destinations they are visiting. Over the past decade, many destinations and attractions have seen the value of providing such opportunities. On two recent trips, I got to immerse myself…


The excitement of preparing for a trip, especially one that is out of the country, should also include careful planning. One of the most critical things any overseas traveler should have is travel insurance that covers trip interruptions and medical emergencies. I had a firsthand experience about the benefits of insurance on a 10-day Panama…

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Bats and a ballpark

Posted by Herb Sparrow in The Midwest on May 24, 2011


In the mid-1990s, Charley Trudeau was remodeling houses and playing vintage baseball on the side. One day, since he had all the woodworking tools, someone asked him to make them a vintage bat. The bat was so popular other orders followed. Soon Charlie was out of the remodeling business and into the bat-making business full…

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Drawing with George

Posted by Herb Sparrow in The Midwest on May 23, 2011


Columbus native George Bellows always had a talent for drawing, even at a young age. And he also had a talent for baseball. When a choice between the two arose, Bellows chose art. He played baseball at Ohio State University in the early 20th century and was offered a pro contract by the Cincinnati Reds….

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Scrapbooks and art

Posted by Herb Sparrow in The Midwest on May 23, 2011


It’s like Main Street comes to the mall. Easton, about 10 minutes from downtown Columbus, was one of the forerunners in lifestyle centers, mixed use developments that combine shopping, dining, entertainment, hotels, office space and residential units in an area designed more like a small town than a suburban shopping mall. The 90-acre Easton Town…

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Letter press and candles

Posted by Herb Sparrow in The Midwest on May 20, 2011


When Allison Chapman was young, she would help her grandfather demonstrate old-fashioned printing on a letterpress at living-history festivals and events. When he died, he left 14-year-old Allison his 1892 press. Chapman moved to Worthington, a Columbus suburb, two years ago from Minnesota and set up Igloo Letterpress in the historic downtown, turning out post…

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Hanna and the cheetah

Posted by Herb Sparrow in The Midwest on May 17, 2011


I almost expected to see David Letterman walk in next. There I was, petting a seven-month-old cheetah when in walked Jack Hanna. “There are only a couple of zoos where you can get this close to a cheetah,” said Hanna, who has gained a worldwide following with his advocacy for wild animals on his own…

Herb Sparrow

A perfect beginning

Posted by Herb Sparrow in The South on September 27, 2010


Pink and orange streaks of a beautiful sunset provided a perfect backdrop as Wynona Judd sang a stirring rendition of “My Old Kentucky Home,” backed by the University of Kentucky Symphony Orchestra, to kick off the Opening Ceremonies of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games Saturday Sept. 25 at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington,…