Brian Jewell

A Home in the Hutong

Posted by Brian Jewell in Asia on February 26, 2011


As a city, Beijing is a sprawling mass of high-rise buildings, many of them apartment and condo towers built to house the 19 million people who live here. But in the Hutong area of the city, just a block behind the skyscrapers on busy city streets, quiet neighborhoods and charming one-story homes maintain a semblance…

Brian Jewell

Walking on the Great Wall

Posted by Brian Jewell in Asia on February 24, 2011


It’s not every day that you get to take a walk along a 2,700-year old wonder of the world. So for me as a traveler, today’s visit to the Great Wall of China was pretty special. We’ve all seen pictures of the wall, and probably heard various tidbits about it, such as the fact that…

Brian Jewell

Forbidden City in the Mist

Posted by Brian Jewell in Asia on February 23, 2011


  It’s a foggy day in Beijing, dreary weather for touring. But it will take more than mist to dampen my spirits — today, my first in China, we are visiting the Forbidden City, one of the most renown sites in the whole country. This elaborate complex of palaces and accompanying buildings was constructed more than…