Choosing Tourism

Melissa J. McClure sales manager for Fairfax County, Virginia, CVB, talks about what lead her to choosing a career in the tourism industry.


State of the Senior Group Travel Market

Kevin Murphy, general manager of Sports Leisure Vacations and president of TAP, discusses both the senior group travel market and what’s in store for tourism and for TAP.


Oklahoma’s Offerings

Todd Stallbaumer, marketing director for Oklahoma Tourism, spoke about the Oklahoma City Memorial and some of the other sites attendees encountered at TAP Dance 2015.


One-on-One with Stefanie Gorder

Stefanie Gorder, CTP, executive director of Travel Alliance Partners, talks about some of the major changes coming up for TAP.


Passengers Review Mayflower Danube Cruise

Various passengers relate their experiences aboard Mayflower Tours’ Danube River Cruise.


Role of a Tour Director on a River Cruise

Huber Smeets, guide of the Mayflower River Cruise of the Danube, discusses his role on a Mayflower River Cruise.


Thoughts from Danube River Cruise Tour Director

Huber Smeets, guide of the Mayflower River Cruise of the Danube, talks about the Danube River cruise and the advantages of seeing Europe on a Mayflower river cruise.


The Perks of a River Cruise

Karen Duncan, sales representative for Mayflower Cruises, relates what has surprised her most about her first river cruise experience.


One Passenger’s Love of Small Towns

Roy Sidlo, passenger of the cruise, talks about his impressions of his cruise experience and his love of small European towns.


Cruise Impressions of Prospective Group Leader

Lisa Solakian, prospective group leader from Philadelphia, reveals her thoughts about her first river cruise experience.