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Brian Jewell

A Meal Inside the Mountain

Posted by Brian Jewell in Europe on July 22, 2009


Salzburg, Austria is a city with lots to see and do, including a mountaintop fortress and the birthplace and childhood home of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. But one of the most interesting facets of our visit there today was dinner at St. Peter’s Restaurant, which is well over a thousand years old. Founded in the year…

Brian Jewell

Images of Innsbruck

Posted by Brian Jewell in Europe on July 20, 2009


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then snapshots of Innsbruck, Austria are worth 10,000. This city high up in Austria’s Alps is the second largest in the country.  And while there are many noteworthy facets, including a thriving cultural and educational scene, nothing is more impressive than Austria’s Old Town. The area known…