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“Just try it,” said my mom, offering me a taste of her boiled cabbage. “It’s not like it’s going to hurt you to just try it.” I looked at the mushy, green cabbage she was offering and quietly disagreed. It must be admitted that boiled cabbage can look pretty scary no matter how you feel…


We asked the staff of The Group Travel Leader, ‘What’s a great local restaurant or watering hole that you’ve discovered on the road?’ Here are some wonderful places to keep in mind when you’re on the road. ‘Best dive bar hands down goes to Veets Bar in downtown Mobile, Alabama. It’s cold beer, live music…

Brian Jewell

Whistler in photographs

Posted by Brian Jewell in Canada on August 09, 2010


Back at my Kentucky office, where the humid air seems to boil underneath the 95-degree southern sun, looking through photos is a great way to remember the wonderful, cool freshness of the British Columbia mountains. It’s also a great reminder of the many meals, attractions and activities that haven’t appeared yet in this blog.  Here…


For outdoor enthusiasts, there’s no shortage of things to do on the mountains in Whistler. But groups can also find ways to enjoy themselves at a more leisurely pace, such as a cooking experience with the staff of The Four Seasons resort. One of the most popular chefs at the hotel is Edison Mays, a…

Brian Jewell

Hairfarmers and seafood paella

Posted by Brian Jewell in Canada on August 05, 2010


The Hairfarmers can play more than 3,500 songs… and know the vast majority of them by heart. This two-man duo is the best known musical act in Whistler, B.C., a ski resort town about an hour and a half north of Vancouver. With a couple of microphones, some conga drums, a tambourine and a guitar,…

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Posted by Brian Jewell in Cruising on August 09, 2009


Today I enjoyed one of Amsterdam’s most surprising and delicious treat’s – the Dutch pancake. Although we know pancakes as an American breakfast food, in Amsterdam and throughout the Netherlands they are favorite dishes for lunch or dinner. There are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of pancake houses throughout this city serving locals and tourists alike –…

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My Favorite Things

Posted by Brian Jewell in Europe on July 16, 2009


If Switzerland is the land of cheese and chocolates, we wasted no time diving in to the heart of the country. Our first full day of the tour has taken us from Bern, the capital city and our home base in Switzerland, to Gruyere, a small village area in the French-speaking part of the country….