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Brian Jewell

Five Favorites: Events

Posted by Brian Jewell in Travel Thoughts on December 13, 2012


Courtesy CMA If I had to choose, here are my five favorite events that I would recommend to anyone. Fiesta San Antonio During Fiesta, several large parades take place in locations throughout the city. There are flower parades, pet parades, the Fiesta Flambeau and more. My favorite memory of Fiesta is attending the Texas Cavaliers…

Eliza Myers

Five Museums to Get Lost In

Posted by Eliza Myers in Travel Thoughts on November 20, 2012


I found it very difficult to rank my five favorite museums, since I tend to be a fan of almost all museums. History museums especially intrigue me, since even a small, budget-conscious museum can have incredible stories to tell. So I tried to pick the ones I would happily get lost in over and over…

Mac Lacy

Five favorites: Hidden gems

Posted by Mac Lacy in Travel Thoughts on October 18, 2012


  Tenakee Springs, Alaska For our recent Group Travel Industry Buyers Guide, I was asked to compile a list of five favorite places I’ve been that could be considered hidden gems.  Here are four in the United States and one in Italy that certainly fit that description for me. Ground Zero, Clarksdale, Mississippi There are…