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Brian Jewell

Photos from the coast

Posted by Brian Jewell in The South on October 05, 2009


It’s the recurring dilema of the travel writer: When you spend a few days touring a destination, you always see and experience much more than you will actually be able to write about, or even to blog about.  So before I pack my bags and prepare to head to the airport tomorrow morning, here are…


Seafood lovers are used to seeing shrimp, crab, fish and oysters on their dinner plates, but to see them alive in their own habitat is something else altogether. Today I encountered many of these creatures up-close with an Alabama Gulf Coast company called Sailaway Charters. I joined Sailaway’s owner Capt. Skip, as well as a…

Brian Jewell

Leaping lemurs!

Posted by Brian Jewell in The South on October 03, 2009


Lemurs love cameras. And I don’t mean that they enjoy being photographed — these energetic, curious animals love to nibble on, lick and play with cameras and other expensive electronic equipment. Today I visited the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo, a small zoo where the staff encourages interactive experiences with wildlife. One of their most popular…

Brian Jewell

Alligator Alley

Posted by Brian Jewell in The South on October 02, 2009


  Many thousands of tourists come to Alabama’s Gulf Coast every year, most to take advantage of its fine weather and beautiful beaches. But there is so much to see and do beyond the beach, and today I visited one of the area’s most fascinating attractions, Alligator Alley. Wesley Moore founded Alligator Alley in 2004,…

Brian Jewell

This is what I call Perks

Posted by Brian Jewell in The South on October 01, 2009


  If you work in the tourism business, chances are that from time to time, you enjoy some perks on the job.  If you work as a travel journalist, those times tend to come more frequently. This week on Alabama’s Gulf Coast, I’m enjoying the perks in spades. I arrived today at my accomodations for…