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Bob Hoelscher

Bush’s Visitor Center

Posted by Bob Hoelscher in The South on June 06, 2013


Virtually everyone will recognize Jay Bush and his dog Duke from the numerous amusing television commercials which have featured the “secret recipe” for Bush’s Baked Beans. Built around the original 1897 A. J. Bush & Company general store in tiny Chestnut Hill, Tenn., you’ll also discover a most unusual visitor facility illustrating the company’s lengthy…


Graceland is an iconic stop for Elvis fans the world over   During our BankTravel event at Graceland on February 7, Memphis CVB president Kevin Kane told me that he personally escorts rock and roll dignitaries to this mecca for musicians.  For instance, he brought Elvis Costello over here and said that Costello removed his…

Brian Jewell

Opryland knows how to party

Posted by Brian Jewell in The South on November 20, 2010


In perhaps the biggest party ever thrown at one of their hotels, the Gaylord staff staged a massive celebration last night to officially mark the grand reopening of the Opryland Resort. My day started with a tour of the hotel lead by general manager Pete Weien, who told a group of journalists stories about the…

Brian Jewell

Opryland’s double celebration

Posted by Brian Jewell in The South on November 18, 2010


Opryland — and Nashville along with it — is back, and in a big way. When flook waters ripped through the streets of downtown Nashville in early May, residents and business owners alike were floored. Never in recorded history had Nashville seen an inundation like this; a friend from the CVB today told me that…

Eliza Myers

Iceberg, right ahead!

Posted by Eliza Myers in The South on June 15, 2010


It’s hard to miss a 30,000-square-foot ship-shaped structure replicating half of the original Titanic vessel along Pigeon Forge’s main parkway. The eye-catching size of the museum grabbed my attention immediately and easily held it throughout my tour. Right after entering, I was handed a Titanic boarding pass with the biography of one of the actual…

Eliza Myers

Well, hello Dolly!

Posted by Eliza Myers in The South on June 15, 2010


As I watched the door of the small office room in anticipation, I could feel my level of nervousness rising. So far on the trip, all attractions seemed to be leading up to this upcoming interview with the legendary Dolly Parton. I’d not only been to Dollywood’s Dolly Parton Museum, but also encountered mentions of…

Eliza Myers


Posted by Eliza Myers in The South on June 12, 2010


Naturally, I started my Dollywood vacation experience in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. with a tour of the famous Dollywood theme park. Celebrating its 25th anniversary his year, Dollywood continues to go above and beyond your typical roller coaster fest with a wide variety of attractions for all ages.   A stroll through an amusement park could…