Liz Bittner: Getting It Done, One Friendship at a Time

Liz Bittner shares her opinion on why the South consistently ranks as America’s top-rated travel region.


Wit Tuttell: Shine Locally, Sell Globally

Wit Tuttell is enjoying the exposure North Carolina gains from a rare “double” by hosting the Travel South International Showcase last month in Charlotte and the upcoming Travel South Domestic Showcase this March in Winston-Salem.


2015 Buyer’s Guide: Innovative Destinations

Destination marketers are always looking for new ways to attract new visitors. But some convention and visitors bureaus are going about it in innovative ways.


2015 Buyer’s Guide: Embracing Changes

As the travel and tourism world continues to face changes, travel sellers and travel planners will have to evolve with it in order to stay relevant in the marketplace.


TAP Alliances Utilizes New Marketing Tools

The groundbreaking Travel Alliance Partners (TAP) organization is continuing to innovate and grow with new partners, destinations and marketing initiatives.


It’s Personal in New Orleans

Herb Sparrow relates an emotional visit to a brick honoring a family member who landed at Normandy at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans.


Reimagining Atlantic City

A remarkable amount of growth and rejuvenation has taken place in the past year in Atlantic City.


Multigenerational Travel Growing

One of the top travel trends in 2014 is multigenerational travel.


Smaller Markets Use Big Ideas

Smaller market planners must be more creative to entertain their charges, and that could mean both off-the-wall and off-the-beaten-path attractions.


CVBs get in on the act with VIP access

Convention and visitors bureaus are providing backstage opportunities for groups all over America.