Interview with new Tourism Cares CEO

Mike Rea, CEO of Tourism Cares, reveals information on Rea’s plans for Tourism Cares as the nonprofit’s new CEO (credit mary).


Terry Dale reflects on travel trends

Terry Dale talks about how group travel bookings windows have expanded and the pent up demand for travel.


Spotlight on traveling with families

Ian Swain, founder and CEO of Swain Destinations, talks about family groups and community groups (credit mary).


TAP can customize any itinerary

Travel Alliance Partners members all sell prearranged itineraries, but every TAP tour operator also customizes tours to fit groups’ desires.


Stallbaumer wins Spirit of TAP award

Travel Alliance Partners presented its Spirit of TAP award to Todd Stallbaumer with Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department.


Trips without borders

Destinations seek to be less parochial in their approach.


Group markets expanding

Trade groups see opportunities in youth, ethnic and multigenerational markets.


Restaurants are seeking out groups

Finding a restaurant that can serve 20 to 40 travelers easily is not always a simple task. These restaurants are courting the group travel market.


CVBs understand community involvement

CVBs show that they have generous hearts by staying involved in local nonprofit events.


Great local restaurants and watering holes

We asked the staff of The Group Travel Leader, "What’s a great local restaurant or watering hole that you’ve discovered on the road?"