Smaller Markets Use Big Ideas

Smaller market planners must be more creative to entertain their charges, and that could mean both off-the-wall and off-the-beaten-path attractions.


CVBs get in on the act with VIP access

Convention and visitors bureaus are providing backstage opportunities for groups all over America.


New boomer groups emerging

Baby boomers are a travel-ready demographic that can’t be ignored, and travel planners know that. College alumni groups and chambers of commerce have recognized the strengths of their baby boomer constituencies and are using group travel to build affinity among their boomer members. The University of Utah Alumni Association caters to boomers and even older…


Zurich’s changing image

Aurelia Carlen, marketing manager of Zurich Tourist Office, speaks about how  Zurich has developed a trendy reputation.


CIE Tours loves its Irish roots

Dennis Savage, senior vice president of CIE Tours, discusses his company’s focus on Ireland and what a typical tour of Ireland would include.


Interview with new Tourism Cares CEO

Mike Rea, CEO of Tourism Cares, reveals information on Rea’s plans for Tourism Cares as the nonprofit’s new CEO (credit mary).


Terry Dale reflects on travel trends

Terry Dale talks about how group travel bookings windows have expanded and the pent up demand for travel.


Spotlight on traveling with families

Ian Swain, founder and CEO of Swain Destinations, talks about family groups and community groups (credit mary).


TAP can customize any itinerary

Travel Alliance Partners members all sell prearranged itineraries, but every TAP tour operator also customizes tours to fit groups’ desires.


Stallbaumer wins Spirit of TAP award

Travel Alliance Partners presented its Spirit of TAP award to Todd Stallbaumer with Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department.