Emerging markets addressed at Travel Exchange

Three Travel Exchange sessions focused on emerging markets in Hispanic travel, faith-based travel and young professionals in the tourism industry.


Lisa Simon and Vic Parra Interview

Lisa Simon, president of NTA, and Vic Parra, president of UMA, discuss Travel Exchange 2013.



The social saga continues for CVBs

Social media is so pervasive in modern life today that it has become an important tourism marketing channel.


Bittner sees groups in Travel South USA’s future

Travel South executive director Liz Bittner discusses how her organization works to leverage individual state travel offices’ tight resources.


Rice is enjoying an Arkansas Renaissance

Joe David Rice, tourism director for the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism, talks about Arkansas’ heightened national profile.


Tour operators develop new trips for boomers

Baby boomers are no passive travelers.


Travel Alliance Partners: How a concept became a company

Courtesy Mackinac Island Tourism BureauWhat started as a single tour operator’s idea in the late 1990s has become one of the most influential organizations in the tourism industry. Travel Alliance Partners, commonly known by its initials, TAP, is a growing consortium of tour operators from across North America that have teamed up to offer their…


Bruce Beckham announces retirement as head of Tourism Cares

Bruce Beckham has announced he is retiring as Tourism Cares’ executive director and chief executive officer, effective June 30.


On location in the Bahamas

Brian Jewell describes how the Bahamas can make a perfect way to have a great non-traditional group tour.



Coggin receives inaugural Spirit of TAP award

At the annual TAP Dance conference in June, Travel Alliance Partners (TAP) named Jim Coggin the first recipient of its Spirit of TAP Award.