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The conference room was almost totally silent as five travel writers and I awaited the arrival of one of the most recognizable people in America. This June, the legendary Dolly Parton agreed to promote her beloved Dollywood theme park with a group interview. It sounded like an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when I first heard about it….



“One of my favorite hotels sits in the middle of a desert. After seeing nothing but mountains of sand as far as the eye could see, the green oasis surrounding Evason Ma’in Hot Springs in Jordan felt like a mirage. “The hotel lies beneath dramatically cascading hot spring waterfalls, giving the hotel grounds seclusion and…



“This was all your idea,” said my mother for the second time to double check I had heard her. It was indeed my suggestion we take the time-honored mule ride down the Grand Canyon this past spring. Although my mom was never a big fan of heights, I felt convinced the miraculous scenery of the…

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