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Staff Sound-Off: 2019 Travel Plans

We asked our staff, “What travel plans do you have for 2019?” See what trips we’re planning for the year ahead.

No plans yet, but Southeast Asia is next on my bucket list.

— Savannah Osbourn, staff writer

I’m definitely looking forward to my Bahamas cruise and to doing weekend trips to cities within a six-hour driving radius.

— Daniel Jean-Louis, account manager

I obviously travel a lot for work and will get to see some great places, but my personal vacations will include a mother/daughter trip to Wyoming, a cruise to the Caribbean with my girlfriends and either a beach vacation or Washington D.C. trip with my family.

— Kelly Tyner, director of sales and marketing

My parents’ 40th anniversary is next year, and to celebrate, they’re taking the whole family to spend a week in Destin, Florida, in June. My brothers and I all live in different cities, so it will be great to spend a week with them at the beach. Altogether, we’ll have 13 people — including five children ages 5 and younger — so it promises to be an action-packed trip!

— Brian Jewell, executive editor

My husband and I have always wanted to go to Seattle, so we’re finally crossing it off our list in September 2019.

— Ashley Ricks, graphic designer and circulation manager

I will be accompanying a group of our readers to Egypt in March with Aventura World, an international tour operator whose clientele includes numerous chambers of commerce groups across the country. We’ll be visiting the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Valley of the Kings and the temple of Luxor and enjoying a four-night Nile River cruise. Later in the year, my wife and I hope to join another couple for a trip to Portugal to celebrate a 60th birthday. We have traveled with them before to celebrate various special occasions.

— Mac Lacy, publisher

I’m currently trying to get a group of friends together to go around Europe for a week or two and see different cities. We are thinking Sweden and Germany are the best options and maybe Amsterdam.

— Kyle Anderson, account manager