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Brian Jewell

No Happy Accidents

Posted by Brian Jewell in Travel Thoughts on October 05, 2017


Nothing amazing happens by accident. Sure, there are sometimes unexpected events that lead to happy outcomes or coincidences that result in pleasant surprises. But anytime you buy, experience or participate in something that leaves you impressed, you can be sure a lot of thought, planning and hard work went into that success, maybe a lot…

Brian Jewell

We Need to Talk

Posted by Brian Jewell in Travel Thoughts on July 06, 2017


Travel planners, we need to talk. And it’s going to be a tough conversation. I love travel and the impact it makes on people’s lives. I love the tourism industry and the people like you that make it run. I’m your biggest cheerleader. And because I care about you, I’m going to tell you some…


When you visit Myrtle Beach, it’s easy to pack a schedule full of shopping, shows, attractions and other fun. But if you’re like me, you should make some time for one of my favorite activities in the area — a leisurely seafood lunch in a beachside restaurant. No matter where I go, I always look…

Brian Jewell

I Can and I Will

Posted by Brian Jewell in Travel Thoughts on June 01, 2017


“I can and I will.” I have uttered that mantra under my breath dozens of times over the past two months. And I’m starting to believe it. If you have been involved in the tourism industry for any length of time, you may have noticed that this line of work comes with some specific occupational hazards….

Brian Jewell

Beware Fake Travel News

Posted by Brian Jewell in Travel Thoughts on April 01, 2017


Are the travel magazines that you read filled with fake articles? There has been a lot of talk about fake news in our culture recently, especially in light of the recent presidential election. And while there’s no need to get political here, I have found the discussion about fake news intriguing because it dovetails with…

Brian Jewell

Bring Your Own Device

Posted by Brian Jewell in Travel Thoughts on March 09, 2017


I have seen the future of in-flight entertainment, and it is awesome. If you’re like me, you may have had a love-hate relationship with airline entertainment options for much of your traveling life. There’s no question that watching a movie or two can provide a welcome distraction on long flights, especially overseas flights that can…

Brian Jewell

Looking to the Future

Posted by Brian Jewell in Travel Thoughts on January 19, 2017


If you went to meet your maker tomorrow, what would become of your organization? No, I’m not here to sell you life insurance. But I do think it’s important to talk about the future. Because if there is value in what you do as a travel leader — and I believe there is — then…

Brian Jewell

Get to Know America Again

Posted by Brian Jewell in Travel Thoughts on December 09, 2016


One of the most overlooked benefits of travel is the opportunity it affords to get to know people who are unlike us in almost every way. We often think about the trips we’re planning based on the places we want to go and the things we want to do when we get there. Our itineraries…

Brian Jewell

The Past Ten Years of Travel

Posted by Brian Jewell in Travel Thoughts on December 02, 2016


What a difference a decade makes. I recently celebrated my 35th birthday, and the nostalgia of the occasion got me to thinking about what my life was like a decade ago. The differences are striking. I did a ton of traveling in 2006, including numerous research trips to destinations around the United States. The highlights,…


Last month, I sat in on a presentation by a receptive tour operator who was giving travel industry representatives some advice about how they can succeed in working with tour operators. I was surprised to hear how often she emphasized the importance of returning client phone calls and emails, a best practice that some tourism…