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The four hardest-working days of my year are coming up this month. But they don’t take place here at the office; in fact, they have nothing at all to do with my job. I spend four hot, sweaty days each June on a farm in Wilmore, Kentucky, for the Ichthus Music Festival. This contemporary Christian…

Brian Jewell

River Walks and Runs

Posted by Brian Jewell in The Southwest on June 01, 2012


The San Antonio River Walk is saving me from obesity. I’ve been eating my way across the city for four days now, enjoying the best of San Antonio’s food during the annual Culinaria celebration. The events have included elaborate lunch and dinner affairs, a Mexican tasting event and a fancy soiree that featured some of…

Brian Jewell

Ceviche and the CIA

Posted by Brian Jewell in The Southwest on May 31, 2012


Today I donned an apron, toque and rubber gloves for an intense training session at the CIA. The mission: South American ceviche. I’m not at Langley, but in San Antonio, at the ‘other’ CIA — the Culinary Institute of America. The organization is recognized as one of the foremust culinary schools in the United States….

Brian Jewell

A Border Brunch

Posted by Brian Jewell in The Southwest on May 30, 2012


Sometimes a good meal can take you places. Today, brunch transported me from Texas into the colonial heart of Mexico. I’m in San Antonio for a few days doing research for an upcoming magazine article. It just so happens that my trip coincides with Culinaria, a four-day foodie event that highlights some of the best…


Silver Dollar City’s greatest treasure may be lie 300 feet below its surface. Branson’s pre-eminent theme park is best known for its rides, entertainment and 100 artisans who demonstrate Ozark Mountain crafts for visitors. But the park got its start because of Marvel Cave, a limestone cave that was first discovered by Osage Indians around…

Brian Jewell

Branson Scenic Railway

Posted by Brian Jewell in The Midwest on April 18, 2012


One hundred years ago, Branson was a newly incorporated town growing around a stop in the White River Line railway that connected Arkansas and Missouri. Today, visitors can experience a taste of historic transportation — as well as the scenery of the unspoiled Ozark mountains — during a ride on the Branson Scenic Railway. When…

Brian Jewell

A Canyon Sanctuary

Posted by Brian Jewell in The Midwest on April 17, 2012


Branson may be known as the Music Show Capital of the World, but it also enjoys a wonderful natural setting in the Ozark Mountains. Visitors see two mountain lakes as they make their way around town; further away from the famous Highway 76, Dogwood Canyon Nature Park is a welcome respite for nature lovers. It…

Brian Jewell

Macon Rocks

Posted by Brian Jewell in The South on April 10, 2012


Macon sits at Georgia’s intersectoin of history and music. There are plenty of great attractions to visit duirng a tour of the city, but my favorite during my short visit was The Big House: The Allman Brothers Band Museum. The Allman Brothers were one of the pioneering bands in the music today called Southern Rock,…

Brian Jewell

Monastery of the Holy Spirit

Posted by Brian Jewell in The South on April 10, 2012


You may not expect to find a tourism attraction at at Catholic monastery, much less one in suburban Georgia. But in Conyers, the Monastery of the Holy Spirit has become a must-see location for groups touring the area. A group of Trappist monks from Kentucky established this monastery decades ago, living in a barn and…

Brian Jewell

Surveying the Civil War

Posted by Brian Jewell in The South on April 09, 2012


There are few places in the United States so impacted by the Civil War as Atlanta. The city famously burned after Union general Sherman captured it in 1864. Today, nearly 150 years later, the events are still a striking part of the Atlanta story. There are plenty of places around the city that shed light…