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Elegance is outdated

Posted by Brian Jewell in Travel Thoughts on September 23, 2013


I rarely use this column as a soapbox, but one particular element of traditional travel has been getting under my skin lately. So I hope you’ll indulge me for a few minutes while I make my case for this idea: “Elegance” is outdated. You may not realize how prevalent the idea of elegance is in…


Why does international travel matter? We have such a wealth of great places to see here in the United States. Our country enjoys a diversity of cultures, histories and natural landscapes that is rivaled by few other places on earth. The old domestic tourism mantra “See America First” encourages us to spend our free time…

Brian Jewell

Change is in the air

Posted by Brian Jewell in Travel Thoughts on May 21, 2013


Change is in the air this spring. It’s not just the flipping of calendar pages that lets us know that life is changing. Examine the group travel landscape around you, and you might notice that it looks remarkably different from the industry you remember of 10 or even five years ago. The passing of the…

Brian Jewell

Two days on the Breakaway

Posted by Brian Jewell in Cruising on May 11, 2013


I remember my first cruise well. It was a seven-day spin on a classic ship that was certainly stately but also somewhat stuffy. I left with a respect for the heritage of cruising, but also wondering if this form of travel was best suited for me. This weekend’s experience on the Norwgian Breakaway has allayed…


“I hate it when I ask for no pickles, and they give me pickles anyway.” Lately, I’ve been fascinated by the concept of first-world problems; there are plenty of little annoyances and aggravations in life that get under our skin. But when you stop and think about them in the context of the wider human…

Brian Jewell

Five Favorites: Events

Posted by Brian Jewell in Travel Thoughts on December 13, 2012


Courtesy CMA If I had to choose, here are my five favorite events that I would recommend to anyone. Fiesta San Antonio During Fiesta, several large parades take place in locations throughout the city. There are flower parades, pet parades, the Fiesta Flambeau and more. My favorite memory of Fiesta is attending the Texas Cavaliers…


Forbidden fruit has always had a particular appeal to me. Tell me not to do something, and I have an irresistible urge to do just that thing. Ask me to close my eyes for a moment, and you’re practically begging me to peek. Prohibit me from going somewhere, and that place takes first priority on…


The four hardest-working days of my year are coming up this month. But they don’t take place here at the office; in fact, they have nothing at all to do with my job. I spend four hot, sweaty days each June on a farm in Wilmore, Kentucky, for the Ichthus Music Festival. This contemporary Christian…

Brian Jewell

River Walks and Runs

Posted by Brian Jewell in The Southwest on June 01, 2012


The San Antonio River Walk is saving me from obesity. I’ve been eating my way across the city for four days now, enjoying the best of San Antonio’s food during the annual Culinaria celebration. The events have included elaborate lunch and dinner affairs, a Mexican tasting event and a fancy soiree that featured some of…

Brian Jewell

Ceviche and the CIA

Posted by Brian Jewell in The Southwest on May 31, 2012


Today I donned an apron, toque and rubber gloves for an intense training session at the CIA. The mission: South American ceviche. I’m not at Langley, but in San Antonio, at the ‘other’ CIA — the Culinary Institute of America. The organization is recognized as one of the foremust culinary schools in the United States….