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We asked the staff at The Group Travel Leader the question: “What is one of your most memorable live music experiences?” Find out what unforgettable tunes these seasoned travelers recalled below!   Since my husband and I graduated college within a few months of each other we decided to celebrate with a trip to New Orleans….



You might think that January’s cold drudgeries and brown landscape would be enough to convince someone to daydream their way into taking a vacation. Yet as more Americans work later in life, many group travel planners may find it challenging to convince employed potential travelers to take a break from the office and sign up…



How do you appease both the beach bum and the avid explorer? An all-inclusive resort in a fascinating destination can pacify all types of travelers. Plus, it gives your more independent boomer travelers the autonomy to choose whether they would like to relax or seek out a memorable adventure. These all-inclusive resorts can function much…



I’ll admit it — I’ve fallen asleep on a tour bus before, in the middle of a guide’s presentation. And I’m willing to bet that you probably have, too. It’s not just something that has happened once or twice. Whenever I’m on a tour that includes long stretches of driving and guide commentaries, chances are good…



Even if you never turn on a computer or television screen, just walking through any major retail store will inform you of the upcoming “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” movie. “Star Wars” ice cream, makeup, bathrobes and even oranges line the aisles of shops as part of one of the most successful marketing campaigns ever….



What does leadership mean to you? We use the term “leader” a lot around our office. Volunteer travel organizers are often referred to throughout the tourism industry as “group leaders.” And the word is even part of our company name and magazine title: The Group Travel Leader. But for all of the talk of group leaders…



You finally made it to Australia, a country you’ve wanted to explore your entire life, but the 20-hour flight has left you sick in your bed. This unhappy scenario occurs often for passengers whose bodies can’t handle the hardships of long flights. Between the dehydration, restriction of movement, food temptations and nasty germs at every…


Eliza Myers

Remember the Moon

Posted by Eliza Myers in Travel Thoughts on November 19, 2015


“Ga?” My 10-month-old daughter asked her question while pointing up into the sky. I was hurrying to get her inside while carrying a large bag so I quickly glanced up. It was the moon. I forgot it was up there. After really looking hard at the glowing moon with my daughter, I remembered that the…


Mac Lacy

Mars on Earth

Posted by Mac Lacy in Middle East, Travel Thoughts on November 12, 2015


I’m a Matt Damon fan. I’ve seen most of his films and can’t pass up any of his Jason Bourne roles if I run across them at night. Most of you are probably familiar with Matt Damon. I’m also a Wadi Rum fan. I count it as one of the places on Earth to which…



It’s amazing how events that take place in your youth can carry on far into adulthood — or be totally forgotten by the time you’re 25. On the one hand, the teenage years seem made for frivolity, and most people’s adult lives rarely turn out the way they expected. Plenty of people dabble in high…