New National Monument in Las Cruces

Andrea Lawrence, tourism sales director for Las Cruces CVB, talks about the region’s brand new national monument and other enduring Las Cruces attractions.



Outside the Casinos in Nevada

David Lusvardi, sales manager for the Nevada Commission and Tourism, relates reasons why Lake Tahoe is a favorite destination, as well as the non-gaming attractions of the state.



Revitalized Rapid City

Julie Jones-Whitcher, director of tourism for Rapid City CVB, explains her town’s art project and how it plays a part in Rapid City’s revitalization.



Drive a Train in Nevada

Lee Dahl, owner of Leisure West Tours and Cruises, speaks about a new train program with the Northern Nevada Railroad.



Meet Jack Hanna

Marceline Dyer, tourism sales manager for Experience Columbus, discusses her involvement with TAP, the expansion at the Columbus Zoo and a new opportunity for groups to meet Jack Hanna.



The Allure of Atlantic Canada

Richard Arnold, president of Atlantic Tours, talks about why his various itineraries along Atlantic Canada create an experience groups love.



2014 TAP Dance

Stefanie Gorder, executive director of Travel Alliance Partners, talks about the successes of TAP in 2014 and new additions to TAP.



A Historic Tour of Georgia

Priti Shah with Georgia Tourism discusses some of the highlights at destinations Brian Jewell will be visiting for the upcoming Georgia Special Section.



Using the Web to sell travel

Hannah Paramore, with Paramore web company, talks about producing creative web content to sell travel.



Why Civil Rights travel matters

JoAnn Bland, with Journeys for the Soul, discusses some of the Civil Rights events coming up in Alabama and why it’s important to remember the Civil Rights era.