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In my eight years of professional travel I’ve been compiling a list of places that every American should visit. The list is full of big-name destinations: The Grand Canyon, Washington D.C. and New York City come to mind. Today, I added another must-see spot: Kenai Fjords National Park. We arrived this morning in Seward, a…

Brian Jewell

Rafting on the Kenai River

Posted by Brian Jewell in Alaska on July 13, 2011


Glaciers have made quite a mark on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, carving out many of the mountain passes and rocky formations that make this area so scenic. But these behemoths of ice aren’t just a thing of the past; dozens of glaciers linger in the mountinas around here, and their melting run-off trickles down into the…

Brian Jewell

A hike to remember

Posted by Brian Jewell in Alaska on July 12, 2011


Sometimes I do my best thinking while hiking down a mountain. It’s a cloudy day atop Mt. Alyeska, a ski area about an hour’s drive south of Anchorage. Now in mid-summer, there is no skiing, as the temperatures hover around 60 degrees. Instead, Alyeska turns into a nature lovers paradise, with many miles of hiking…