Mac Lacy

Visiting the 9/ll Memorial

Posted by Mac Lacy in The Northeast on October 10, 2011


Falling water offers a calming presence at this magnificent memorial

It’s hard to write about the 9/11 Memorial without feeling like an interloper. This is such a sacred place to so many families that it’s hard to feel like this belongs to all of us. But it does and it should. Before we left Kentucky, we got online to make arrangements for four passes during our trip to New York and it added so much substance to our trip. I would not have missed it and I heartily recommend it.

We were there on a cloudless day under a bright blue sky. Airliners leaving La Guardia made a constant pass above us. It was impossible not to connect the dots and think about how that day unfolded for this magnificent city ten years ago.

This memorial is as peaceful a place as you can hope to be. The water that cascades down the walls of both memorials accomplishes its purpose. It is restorative, uplifting and full of hope. It falls into pools that then fall into wells that seemingly have no end. They are eternal in nature.

The Freedom Tower, One World Trade Center, is well underway and will stand 1776 feet tall at its completion.

An American flag graces a nearby building at the 9/11 Memorial

A single rose is a poignant addition to a victim’s name in the memorial

Presently, visitors are alloted 30 minutes to tour the 9/11 Memorial

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