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What Is Your Favorite New York Memory?

New York City remains an iconic destination that ends up on most people’s bucket lists. Our staff sound-off on their favorite memories of the Big Apple!


“I’m a big fan of the High Line. The last time I was in New York with my family, we did a couple dozen blocks on a bright fall morning. We jumped off for coffee at one point and then got off again a couple of blocks from Bleecker Street and had lunch in Greenwich Village. This elevated park is a great addition to the city.”

— Mac Lacy, founder & publisher


“My best memory of New York City only lasted a few hours. During a six-hour layover at JFK, I gathered my courage to leave the comfort of the airport and explore the Big Apple for the first time. I kept my trip simple and rode to the top of the Empire State Building so I could see the whole city at once. Though venturing out of the airport had my mind reeling with what would happen if I didn’t make it back in time, watching the lights of the city twinkle as far as I could see made the expedition more than worthwhile.”

— Eliza Myers, online editor


“My favorite memory is taking my mom to her first Broadway show. I have a picture of the two of us outside the theater, and if you asked me to close my eyes and think of my mom, I would think of that moment. The buzz on the street, the lights of the marquee and my mom smiling as we walk arm and arm into the theater is something only found in NYC.”

— Stacey Bowman, director, advertising sales 


“My only trip to New York was a round-trip drive  from Newport to Virginia Beach when I was in the Navy. I drove our van containing all our civilian belongings along I-95 through the greater New York area on the way to an apartment in Virginia Beach. Passing through that area in the middle of the night — at what seemed like full rush hour traffic — left a lasting impression.”

— David Brown, art director