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10 Best Fitness Apps for Travelers

You’re on your hotel room on your second trip this month. You think back on all the fitness New Years goals you made this year and how frequent travel has continued to derail your carefully constructed plans.

Then you see your phone.

All you need for a thorough and custom-made exercise and fitness plan lies at your fingertips. These 10 fitness apps for travelers will work anywhere with any amount of time available to you.

1.) My Fitness Pal
This one app will help you achieve your exercise and weight loss goals if you record what you eat and how much your exercise. It tracks everything and helps you follow your progress from wherever you are.

2.) Nike Training Club
This popular app offers a range of no equipment workout routines ranging from 30 to 45 minutes, perfect for someone staying in a different hotel room every night. Video tutorials, rewards for logged fitness minutes and reminders cater to your on-the-road needs.

3.) Map My Run
You have your workout clothes, but what running route to take in an unfamiliar city can be tricky. This app tracks your mileage while helping you locate local tourist attractions, so you can burn calories and sightsee at the same time.

4.) DailyBurn
For those unable to commit to a weekly workout class, DailyBurn offers hundreds of workout videos that can play at any place or time.

5.) Yoga Studio
This customizable app allows you to relax on the most hectic travel schedule with downloadable classes or self-designed classes where you the poses and order you would prefer.

6.) Trailhead by North Face
If you’re up for a hike, but feel unsure where to go, this app locates trails, hikes and bike routes based on your location. You can narrow the options by searching by activity and length of the route.

7.) SixPack App Pro
Specialized travel workouts makes this everyday workout app a great option for frequent fliers. Instructions of each exercise ensure you have the correct posture and movements so you don’t pull something while on a tour.

8.) Waterlogged
One of the most prevalent dangers of flying is dehydration, which is why Waterlogged is a popular app for the traveler. This app reminds you to hydrate while on a plane or while wandering through a city for hours.

9.) 7-Minute Workout Challenge
Maybe you don’t have all day to plan an elaborate workout, but most travelers can at least find seven minutes. This mini-workout app gives you short, high intensity workouts for a busy travel schedule.

10.) Sworkit
Whether you have five minutes or an hour, this app offers high intensity bodyweight workouts with on-the-go users in mind.