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A Peruvian village offers rest to its warriors

A young boy in Ollantaytambo peered down an alley as we passed

On Saturday, we visited Ollantaytambo, where we caught our train to Machu Picchu. This village name means resting place for a warrior and high above us on the mountainsides were terraces and garrisons where Incan warriors tried to stop the advance of the invading Spaniards.

We saw the Incan canals that ran beside most streets that carried fresh water from high in the Andes and offered sanitation 600 years ago. We also saw the small crosses and team of bulls that rest on many rooftops to show reverence for God and prosperity for the dwellers inside.

It was a beautiful morning and this village was busy in its role as a conduit for many travelers making their way to Machu Picchu, about an hour and a half away by train.

These dolls were an adornment in a home we entered in Ollantaytambo


Many homes are set off the street within ancient corridors


Sacred items within this home included mummified alpacas and skulls of ancestors

Mac Lacy

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