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10 Reasons Why Traveling is Important

When you need to convince yourself to take that vacation from work, remember these ten reasons why traveling is important.

1. Traveling builds confidence in a world of poor self-esteem and low confidence.

2. You’ll develop cultural sensitivity.

3. Change isn’t as scary when you experience the positive aspects of globalization by traveling around the world.

4. You can more quickly learn a new language when you become immersed in its culture.

5. Trips can spark creativity. 

6. Vacations sharpen your mind and improve your overall performance at work; regular breaks are necessary to avoid getting burnt out.

7. The anticipation of an upcoming trip can increase positive feelings in your relationships, professional life and overall health.

8. Traveling helps put things in perspective, especially if you travel to an area less fortunate than what you’re accustomed to.

9. You’ll learn history the fun way, not by sitting in a classroom.

10. You come home with the best stories when you try new things.

Ashley Ricks

Ashley Ricks is the circulation and marketing manager for The Group Travel Leader Inc.