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7 Game of Thrones Film Locations to Tour

Game of Thrones is one of the largest and most popular productions in television history and the final season is scheduled to air this month on HBO. If you’ve got some Game of Thrones fans in your group treat them to a tour of one of these film locations. To generate some excitement for one of these trips, try doing a drawing to win The World of Ice and Fire book or a kick-off party with some A Song of Ice and Fire goodies like Sansa’s favorite lemon cakes.


1. Belfast, Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has over 25 separate film locations that have been used to create the show. Considered the headquarters for Game of Thrones, the main stage for the show is located in Belfast at Titanic Studios, one of Europe’s largest film studios. Various tours are offered, to choose the right one for your group check out Visit Belfast’s website.

2. Malta

Malta locations were used for a wide number of sets from King’s Landing to the Red Waste. Malta Film Tours offers A Game of Thrones tour with various locations around the island and offers pick up from your hotel. The company is run by the couple, Lisa and Malcolm, who worked with the show in Season 1. The two combine their personal stories with some behind the scenes experiences for an exclusive full-day tour.

3. Ouarzazate, Morocco

Ouarzazate in Morocco was used for the shots of the city of Pentos and is home to Atlas Studios, the world’s largest film studio. Groups can enjoy one of the city tours or plan a visit to the film studio which is open to tourists on days when there is no production. UNESCO Heritage Site Ait Benhaddou was the film location for Yunkai in season 3 and is also open to tours, but should be reserved for more adventurous travelers.

4. Dubrovnik, Croatia

The coastal city of Dubrovnik in Croatia is the primary set location for King’s Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms. Groups may enjoy the three hour Game of Thrones walking tour that explores the film locations around the city. There is also a more extensive 5.5 hour tour that features and add-on bus tour at the conclusion of the walking tour to Trsteno Arboretum, the location used to film the gardens of the Red Keep, many which featured fan favorites Olenna and Margaery Tyrell.

5. Iceland

Iceland is home to the sets used to create scenes with the Night’s Watch, the North and the lands north of the Wall. Groups should try a driving tour around the Ring Road, most of the film sets can be reached from this highway plus it hits most of the top tourism sites around the country. Grayline Iceland offers a day-long round-trip driving tour that features “GoT gurus” for tour guides.

6. Spain

Spain was used for many key locations throughout the series including the streets of Bravos, Dragonstone, the Tower of Joy and the Dragonpit. There are enough film locations in the country that serious fans can dedicate an entire trip to touring the different locations. For groups with more limited availability, try adding on a half day for a 4 hour combined tour of the film locations around Seville and nearby Osuna.

7. Doune Castle, Scotland

This historic Scottish castle was used alongside shots of other castles to create the exterior shots of Winterfell and was also the filming site for Robert Baratheon’s feast in the pilot episode. Groups can tour the castle daily, from April through September.


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