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AARP releases top travel apps for boomers

With an increasing number of the 79 million baby boomers surfing the Web on their smartphones, AARP has released a list of the top 10 travel apps for boomers. The list is designed to help baby boomers find the travel apps that could most likely help them on their next trip.

Although many of these travel apps are free, some charge between 99 cents and $3.99 to view the app without advertising.

Top Ten Boomer Travel Apps:
1.) Google Maps: With voice navigation from point A to point B, the Google Maps app can get any traveler where they want to go with relative ease. For iPhone users, the Navigon app from Garmin provides a fully functioning GPS application on their phone. Activating this product costs between $30 and $60 depending on the range of North American maps needed.

2.) Kayak: While on the road or about to travel, you can search for flights, car rentals or hotels using this app. The product’s flick tracker also helps viewers to stay up-to-date on whether their next flight will be on time or not.

3.) Facebook Mobile (free):
To stay connected with others while traveling, the Facebook app allows you to quickly discover what friends and family are up to. Users can also check-in to display their location to friends and family to keep them updated on their latest explorations.

4.) Google Translate (free):
If trying to ask a local where the closest restaurant is, Google Translate will translate the phrase audibly in more than 50 languages. On the flip side, it can audibly translate foreign phrases from 50 languages into English.

5.) Yelp (free): If trying to decide where to eat or where to get a teeth cleaning, the Yelp app will present options for all sorts of stores and attractions, including restaurants, car mechanics and dentists. The program uses your phone’s GPS to determine your location and reveal the nearby options with millions of user reviews.

6.) Netflix: If travelers find themselves away from home a lot, this app can allow users to watch unlimited programming from their current destination. Instead of costly hotel movies or movie rental stores, this is a less expensive and easy option for the movie-loving traveler.

7.) Google Books (free): Instead of carting around the hefty “War and Peace” novel, you can purchase the online copy of it and read it over the computer or phone. Google Books has an extensive selection of books available for digital purchase.

8.) Instagram (free): Instantly share your travel photos with people all over the world with this photo app. You can also use the app’s many filters to enhance photos or give them the look of a 70s Polaroid filter retro look.

9.) TuneIn Radio (free): Now when you travel across the globe, you can still hear your favorite radio station with this app.

10.) Flashlight (free): You never know when a flashlight will come in handy, such as finding your way to the bathroom in a dark hotel or reading a menu in a low lit restaurant. This app allows quick access to a handy flashlight while traveling, without having to carry one around.

For more information, read the AARP article.