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AgritourismWorld Summit Debuting in 2020

SALEM, Ohio — Agritourism has caught the eye of the travel industry and AgritourismWorld, an organization of 3,500 farms, is developing an online educational tool to better educate the travel industry and farms on this growing trend. The AgritourismWorld Summit will debut in summer 2020 and will feature educational speakers and content geared to increasing agritourism.

AgritourismWorld is an online portal for its 3,500 farm members to reach and invite the public to visit farms and markets across America. It acts as a marketing tool for travelers interested in adding a farm visit to their travel plans. While AgritourismWorld is an established marketing tool for the farm, the AgritourismWorld Summit will bring training to farms as well as destinations, destination marketing organizations and convention and visitors bureaus with growing agritourism opportunities.

AgritourismWorld has sponsored an agritourism element at Boomers In Groups conferences for the past five years, and the online expansion will be the next step in serving farms and the travel industry nationwide. “We thank Boomers In Groups for the years of hosting Agritourism, and they really have put it on the tourism map,” said Charlie Presley, founder of AgritourismWorld.

The AgritourismWorld Summit will feature entry-level content free of charge to farms and the travel industry, as well as advanced levels of training, networking and feedback. It will focus on the marketing aspect of agritourism.

“We know how to help farms and destinations get tourists to visit the farms and, quite honestly, will leave the growing aspect to other experts,” Presley said.

To keep up to date on developments at AgritourismWorld, visit and follow its social media feed online at