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Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage, A Nashville Favorite

Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage is the home of the 7th President — where Andrew Jackson and his family lived before, during and after his presidency. This National Historic Landmark, located in Nashville, Tennessee, has been open to the public since 1889, giving visitors a glimpse into what life in the 19th-century South was like.

The Hermitage Garden

No one tells the story of Jacksonian America — that pivotal time in our nation’s history between the Revolutionary War and the Civil War — like The Hermitage does. This period of time, in which Jackson was president, shaped America’s future. While Jackson’s story is complex, it is nonetheless vitally important to know. As president, he strengthened the power of the presidency, defended the Union, gained new respect for the United States in foreign affairs and pushed the country toward democracy.

All of these accomplishments also come with the intricacies of Jackson being a man of his time. The Jacksons were a wealthy family, and they were able to accumulate their wealth because of the labor of enslaved men and women who lived and worked on the Hermitage property. He did not free any of his enslaved workers before he died, and the Greek Revival-style mansion that serves as the centerpiece of the site is the result of that forced labor.

The mission of the Andrew Jackson Foundation, which operates The Hermitage — is to tell that story — the whole story — so that decisions can be made to make a better path forward. This is done every day through the tours that are offered at The Hermitage. This important piece of American history is something that should not be overlooked on any trip to Nashville.

With Southern hospitality, the team prides itself on making every visitor feel welcome and appreciated. From offering Grounds Passes and curated experiences that include conversations with a team of historians, to wagon rides and a tour with the President and CEO, tour options are endless. Groups of 15 or more people receive a discounted rate on the Mansion Tour, which is the most popular tour option. This tour includes a guided tour of the mansion, as well as a self-guided tour of the site, including 1,120 acres that house more than 20 historic buildings, historic garden where the Jacksons and many of their family members are laid to rest, walking trails and the museum and Jackson film.

Wagon Rides at Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

Tours include a discounted wine tasting at the onsite tasting room, Natchez Hills Winery. Visitors should also check out the Museum Store, perfect for souvenirs and gifts!

Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage is consistently ranked as one of the top tourist attractions in Nashville and is the third most visited presidential site in the country.

We look forward to welcoming you to the home of the 7th President!

Natchez Hills Winery at Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage