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Baby boomers are focus of new conference

Courtesy Great Smoky Mountains Railroad

SALEM, Ohio — The baby boomers are coming by the busload, and now the travel industry has a place to find them. Boomers in Groups (BIG) has announced that it will hold a travel conference in November to bring this dynamic new group travel market to the industry.

America is experiencing the largest expansion of potential group travelers since the seniors of World War II with the boomer age group, those born between 1946 and 1964. More than 10,000 boomers a day are turning age 65 and swelling the ranks of the group travel market.

“Boomers are turning to group travel for the value, convenience, safety and most of all the camaraderie that traveling with friends offers. The boomer effect on group travel will be profound and long lasting,” said BIG president Joe Cappuzzello.

“Boomers today will still be traveling as a group in the year 2029, and now is the time to capture them as loyal customers.”

Data shows that boomers will have the financial resources to travel, and they will enjoy the best health in the country’s history, all encouraging signs for the travel industry.

The travel industry established the group tour market on the senior growth of the past 30 years and has been searching for ways to integrate the boomer segment into group travel. BIG will utilize its considerable group travel resources to develop and deliver boomer groups to the industry as well as open group travel to this growing market.

BIG will utilize management and staff from established sister organizations including BankTravel, Going On Faith and Small Market Meetings. BIG will also reach and develop boomer groups via outreach from The Group Travel Leader.

Cappuzzello will head the management team at BIG as well as site selection for the November meeting.

BIG will open to a limited and manageable group of 200 delegates that will include a one-to-one ratio of travel industry.

“BIG is the future of group travel,” said Cappuzzello.

Travel industry and boomers can receive information on BIG at or call Joe at 800-628-0993.