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Book the Right Bus for Road Trips

SALEM, Ohio — The U.S. Travel Association predicts that domestic travel is on course for solid growth in 2018.

AARP’s 2018 Travel Trends reports that across generations, the average traveler anticipates about four domestic trips in 2018.

AARP found the top motivation for travel remains spending time with family and friends. But among baby boomers, there was an increase in the categories of “relax and rejuvenate” and “get away from everyday life.” Those motivations fit well with road trips, which were the second-most-popular mode of transportation.

Bus travel can be an appealing road-trip option for many travelers. It provides access to many popular destinations, major cities and off-the-beaten-track attractions with affordable, fuel-efficient travel that lets travelers sit back and enjoy the scenery, with room to stretch.

If you’re considering chartering or booking bus travel for a road trip, ask the bus company about its amenities. Does it offer reclining seats, footrests, satellite radio, DVD players, charging outlets and Wi-Fi?

If your passengers have special needs, ask about wheelchair access, including access to the onboard restroom, as well as wheelchair mounts and locking systems.

Many newer buses are incorporating optional safety technology like crash avoidance systems, speed limiters, lane-keeping support and systems that prevent doors opening while the bus is in motion

All buses manufactured after November 2016 are outfitted with passenger safety belts, and all your travelers should wear them whenever the bus is moving.

Passengers should also know where to find and how to use onboard safety equipment.

Just as important as safety equipment is the bus company’s commitment to safety, which includes hiring qualified drivers and complying with federal safety requirements. It’s easy to research a bus company’s safety history before booking a trip. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Look Before You Book website provides information, resources and a convenient online research tool.

Learn more, research bus companies and download free bus safety resources for travel planners and passengers at